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Atypical of my future pianist began in 1967 by learning music classical in Sète, where I studied musical classic of the great composers (Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, etc.). Attracted by rapidly composition, I create my first and my first musical arrangement by Bartok (piano, percussion and backing vocals) 17. Others will follow, inspired by names like Michel Colombier or Miles Davis.

Called by jazz and improvisation, I take piano lessons and jazz harmony with Christian Lavigne in Montpellier - France - in 1975/1976.


In 1977, I started playing in jazz ensembles in concert or merger, either through animation. In parallel, I give my first piano lessons in the Municipal Theater of Sète (France), and subsequently in MJC and music schools in the department of Herault.

Also in 1977, I participated in an association Sète, in the preparation of organization of shows (including advertising, hosting artists) in the Festival of Theatre of the Sea' (Jacques Higelin, Lavilliers, Magma, Telephone, Claude Nougaro, Gong, etc.). I make my first "mock" playing all the instruments (keyboards, bass, guitar, drums)

In 1978, I played solo piano for Amnesty International. I am passionate about growing electronic music and sound synthesis (analog and a few years later, digital and FM). I take courses in harmony with trumpeter-arranger Yvan Jullien.


Ivan Jullien was awarded the Victoires de la Musique 2003 for his body of work and has worked for 40 years, working with the greatest.


Some films as arranger: A Man and a Woman, The Sun of Thugs, Rider on the Rain ... Some films as a composer arranger: Shooting Groupé, Night Watch, The Eye of the Window...

Arrangements for Michel Legrand, Claude Nougaro, Henri Salvador, Charles Aznavour, Eddy Mitchell, Johnny Halliday, Sacha Distel, Nicoletta, Lavilliers, Françoise Hardy, Michel Jonasz, Charles Trenet, Count Basie orchestra, Michel Leeb, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Elton John ... Collaborations with Eddy Barclay, Quincy Jones...

In addition, Ivan Jullien teaching for over 20 years all the musical techniques of orchestration and arrangement.

In 1980, I received the Academy Award for the musical education of Languedoc Roussillon. In the years that followed, I became in turn accompanist, arranger pop music, rock and jazz musician, sound technician (Popular Issanka Festival) and I realize that radio host programs devoted to film music and an interview with regional and international artists. This diversity of employment will be for me a source of enrichment, a potential contribution I make in my teaching.

From 1980 to 1982, together with three other musicians, I participated in the construction of a music school in Sète (France) oriented contemporary music (jazz, rock, blues, etc..) with piano lessons, bass, drums and guitar.

Subsequently, I run all classes consist of children aged 7 to 16 years, but also adults to achieve performances. I train and I also assists students in their preparation of entrance exams in college musicology (Toulouse - France), music therapy (Montpellier - France) and school tuner Ales (old school piano Rameau)

In the mid 1980s, I started to build my first home studio I use for my computer sequences accompanied by Atari Cubase. I created my first book devoted to teaching piano accompaniment (it corresponds to learning chord exercises with rhythmic independence, clean contemporary music).

I won at the end of 1980 the 1st prize for the realization soundtrack (composition and editing) for The Night of the students in Montpellier (France), and in the early 1990s, I compose soundtracks (clip Suzanne Franzel - diffusion Arte CIPES society, etc..) and music choreography.

At the same time, I am interested in the video and I make music videos for local artists. I create a work of approach on the use of the piano in the music accompaniment of traditional expression and contemporary (latin, rock, old music, etc..).

To facilitate the practice of piano scores and decryption variety found in the trade, I arranged and simplified over 300 French and international folk songs and some standards of film music, without forgetting the rock and jazz (The Easy Piano collections).

Since the late 1990s, I devoted mainly to teaching. In 2002, I completed a philosophical essay Le Pouvoir Educatif (The Power Educational on education and direct or indirect implications that result.

For "" site, I am in charge of piano lessons and author of many articles, especially regarding topics : Music lessons, Issues of candid, Pedagogy and News (technological innovations, interview).


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